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Navigate URLS Results saved over multiple lines

Posted: Sat May 21, 2016 10:59 am
by bit_stupid

I have made a scraper based on a navigate URL's action. I have the kinds all saved (as best I can, some text is variable in length and split over multiple paragraphs making it hard to select the exact kind but I figured I could tidy the results later).

Any way I have attached the project to see if anyone can help as the results are just not coming out as expected. In the main it is that for each single URL there are about 10 lines of results, and consequently 10 copies of a downloaded image!

Cheers for any help. Hmmm on second thought I cannot attac the project as it is too large even when I purge out all but the essential data! so you can access it from my dropbox at ... s.hsp?dl=0