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btfodds - o/u 3.5 goals

Posted: Wed Apr 12, 2017 10:45 pm
by Jksv01

I've just started using Helium Scraper. I don't know much about html and coding in general.
I bought Helium Scraper, because I wanted to extract a specific set of odds from this webpage: ... ,UO,league

I've mangaged to construct a project that:
1) Scrapes the list of games for today
2) Navigates to the specific games
3) Scrapes the heading: ie. THU 23:30 Cobresal Vs San Luis
4) Scrapes the 1-x-2 odds and the U 2.5 and O 2.5 goals for every match of the day.

However, I would like to scrape the alternative goals odds also.
I've figured out how to navigate to the "Alternative goals page" and scrape the lines and odds.
But how do I get the alternative goals odds aligned with the corresponding match it relates to?
As for right now, I have a horisontal table with match odds and a vertical table with alternative goal lines?

Is there a way to combine them in one table?

Sorry - I'm a total n :shock: :shock: b - !

Here a couple of screenshots: ... 7.png?dl=0 ... 7.png?dl=0

This is my project file: ... 5.hsp?dl=0