Having trouble with forcing elements into the same row

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Having trouble with forcing elements into the same row

Post by muirhejs » Sun Mar 03, 2013 5:30 pm


First- thanks for a great product; Helium Scraper has already paid for itself in the amount of automation I've been able to achieve. I'm trying to use the 'Force Elements Into Same Row' premade that is supplied, but am having trouble getting the required Header kind configured correctly. I'd appreciate any insight into how to configure it for this type of site. I'm trying to extract product info, but it is split amongst multiple rows per product:


Thanks in advance!!

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Re: Having trouble with forcing elements into the same row

Post by webmaster » Mon Mar 04, 2013 4:17 pm

There are two problems with this page. If you consider only one row of 4 products, each kind (name, age, item#, etc) is grouped into a single row. So Helium Scraper relates each kind to the other 3 elements of the same kind in the same row, but it doesn't relate them to the other kinds in the same column. The other problem is that each row of 4 products is not a children of any single element, so there is no way for Helium Scraper to tell where a 4 product row ends and another one starts. This can be solved by using the premade and using as header the first element you'd extract out of each 4 product row (I'm using the name on the left of each row). But then you'll still have the first problem I mention. What you can do to solve this is create kinds for each kind of item in each column (in the sample I only created them for name and age and for the first two columns) and then extract them into the same table.

Take a close look at the sample project attached. Run the Actions tree 1 and you should get some coherent data.
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