turn pages without "next" button - __doPostBack - solved

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turn pages without "next" button - __doPostBack - solved

Post by dimdev » Tue May 14, 2013 4:52 pm

I had a problem figuring out a way to go through all the pages. The online premade "Turn pages without a "Next" button" did not work for me.
I followed the instructions but after the third page it looped bettween two pages.
What I have done was that I made a kind called "present page". I selected in 2-3 pages the current page number.
Then I added at the end of each page a new action tree "called current page" where I added an "execute javasript"

Code: Select all

var r = Global.Browser.Selection.GetItem(0).innerText;
var pagestring = 'Page$';
var v = r * 1;
var t = v + 1;
var pagestring2 = pagestring + t;
__doPostBack('ctl00$ctl00$OPlaceHolderMain$PlaceHolderMain$dgSearchResult', pagestring2);
What I tried to accomplish is to find the number of the current add 1 and then run the appropriate javascipt.
I am not a coder but it worked for me.

The site I am talking about is http://www.grhotels.gr/EN/TouristGuide/ ... 0000000000

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