Page does not load completely

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Page does not load completely

Post by flotschie » Fri Jan 10, 2014 12:32 pm

The page(s) I want to scrape do not load completely in one my projects. The small loading bar in the left lower corner of the browser window loads completely, then disappears. The page also seems to be loaded completely. But HS does not continue its work.

When I pause the execution of the process and click on start again, there comes an error message:

Cannot execute while the page is loading. Please wait for loading to complete or press the 'Stop' button in the browser to abort navigation.

I press the stop button, click on start again and HS continues normally until the next page and the same problem.

Could you please advice what to do? Is it maybe that I turned off the Debugging in IE10?

Bit Stupid
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Re: Page does not load completely

Post by Bit Stupid » Wed Apr 09, 2014 12:05 pm

I know this is an old one but thought I might be able to help someone somwhere.

When I got this error I just changed the IE version to IE8, then go into Internet Options and Uncheck the Enable Native XMLHTTP Support.

Weirdly I got to this solution by reading a post saying to do the opposite!

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Re: Page does not load completely

Post by preichow » Fri Apr 25, 2014 10:15 pm

Hello flotschie;

I just ran into the same problem as you. I tried changing the browser version, but that didn't help. There are two things I did to fix it:

First, I rebooted my computer, and that solved 90% of the problem. Even if I don't get a "Out of Resources" error....if I notice strange behavior or web pages taking a long time, I do a reboot.

Second, I set the "Navigation Timeout" setting under menu Project==>Options.
This forces Helium to stop downloading a webpage after a certain number of seconds....the same effect as hitting the stop button...allowing you to scrape the contents of a page.

The default setting is 180 seconds. I changed the setting to 5 seconds on my project. I'm on a super good internet connection connection, so pages usually take a second to load. I tried going down to 3 seconds, but then I noticed that I was missing information in my extracted data, so I bumped it back up...5 Seconds seems to be the minimum required to get all the info on a page.
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