Newbies Must Read This: Critical Note about Viewing Data

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Newbies Must Read This: Critical Note about Viewing Data

Post by preichow » Fri May 31, 2013 5:45 am

First of all, let me say that I love this software.

Second, let me pass along an important note to Newbies: When viewing data in the Tables, be aware that what you are seeing might not be the true data in the table because the screen does not refresh automatically. In other words, if you view your extract table after you run a query, you might see that there's no data in the table, so you think your query failed. However, if you hit the little refresh button above the table, you suddenly might see the data that you extracted.

I spent a couple hours having trouble getting the software to work correctly, then I suddenly realized that it was working fine all along. I hope this can save others.

Third, be aware that you have to hit "save" on your Tables so that they really save to disk. When you create a Table, it doesn't seem to save it. If you close the program, you will lose the Table because it will be discarded. You will have to recreate the table the next time you want to run the extract.

I have made it a habit to be continuously hitting the table "refresh" and table "save" buttons. I do it after each extract, and I hit the refresh button constantly when I'm running an extract so that I always see the latest data.

Also be careful when emptying your tables..make sure you hit the "remove all rows" button in the table menu, and make sure you use the "empty project tables" from the Project in the Main Menu. I don't really understand what that button does..if somebody knows please chime in.

I hope these tips help.

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