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Requires version or later

This premade uses the Anti Captcha service to solve Google reCAPTCHAs v2 and v3, such as this:

recaptcha.png (151.98 KiB) Viewed 14681 times

You'll be required to enter 5 parameters:
  • Account Key: This is the account key the Anti Captcha service gives you when you sign up.
  • Timeout in Seconds: The maximum number of seconds to wait for a CAPTCHA solution.
  • Ignore Errors: If true, it will ignore any errors that may occur during solving. Should be set to false for testing purposes.
  • Submit Form: If the CAPTCHA page has a submit button other than the default Verify button, this will attempt to find the submit button and press it.
  • ReCAPTCHA v3: true to solve a ReCAPTCHA v3, or false to solve a ReCAPTCHA v2. If unsure, leave as false and change to true if you get an error suggesting you to use v3.
Once this has been imported from the Wizard, a new global will be created with all the variables already in place, so these parameters will need to be given only once, even if the global is used on many places. The global can be used at any point where a CAPTCHA may be shown, usually after a navigation. If there's no CAPTCHA to solve, the extraction will continue normally. Note that the newly created global (by default called SolveReCAPTCHA) can be edited at any time by double clicking it to change its parameters, and these changes will affect every place in which the global is used.

It is recommended to first import it into a global, and then double click the action and select Run in Browser in a page that shows a CAPTCHA, to make sure that all parameters have been entered correctly. After running it, the browser should have navigated to the page you're trying to reach. If anything fails, you can get more information on the project's log.

It is not recommended to import it manually, but it can be done by copying the code below and pasting it into a new global, and then manually entering the 4 parameter placeholders at the bottom. Be sure to use the right data types when doing so (accountKey: string, timeout: number, ignoreErrors: boolean, submitForm: boolean).

Code: Select all

   function (accountKey timeout ignoreErrors submitForm v3)
         ·  String.Download
               ·  ""
         ·  struct
   ·  [accountKey]
   ·  [timeout]
   ·  [ignoreErrors]
   ·  [submitForm]
   ·  [v3]   
Juan Soldi
The Helium Scraper Team

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