different locations and tabs

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different locations and tabs

Post by Omar » Mon Mar 17, 2014 6:37 am

This is a pre-purchase Q?
I am using the trail version, I have two questions regarding it:

1- I would like to extract data from different locations in the same page by the text clue. ex: a computer has many features, those features might differ from on product to another, so we might see let say: the operating system in the first line and RAM in the second in product1. However, product2 might has RAM in the first line and so on ..
I tried to apply the tool to many products but it fails to extract all matches lines. I see other tools which provide "After text" or something like this, which extract the text after this sentence. How to do this in Heliumscraper

2- In the product detail page, there are Javascrpt or AJAX (I do not know exactly), which organize the features in tabs (Specification, Rating, ..). Those tabs are not links, so how can the tool extract data through these tabs.

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