Inserting Data from database into results

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Inserting Data from database into results

Post by Bit Stupid » Wed Apr 09, 2014 10:37 am

Hi People, precursor, thanks to Juan and the guys for developing this great software and their already blinding support (before I even purchased). I am a noob, and not great with any sort of programming, but I know my way around a mouse and Google which usually lets me solve about anything except Brain Surgery.

So here is the issue I am having across a few projects. I have a table of search terms (or URLS) in a database which is used to either navigate to or perform a search on and give me back the results. What I need is to get the ID from the original table against each extraction result. The Helium guys said the following:
"As for the column ID, you should be able to extract it by extracting editing your Extract action and adding a row where the Kind is BODY and the Property is YourURLsTableName_ID."
I did this but no success, it does not even insert the column name into the results table (I did try tinkering with the req. mode as exactly or at least 1 but that made no change other than a requirement not met error).
My lookup table has the columns ID (which is just a sequential number), SKU (which is the product code), name (which is either the URL or the product name depending on the project).

To complicate things I would ideally like to have the SKU as the ID but I get the error about formatting (my SKU's are a mix of letters and numbers in uppercase) and that it expects int32 (which I guess means an integer of up to 32 characters). I can work around this for now by formulas that will connect each SKU to a number that will be the ID (unless someone has better ideas)?

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