2 Questions Before I Buy

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2 Questions Before I Buy

Post by korkmaze1 » Thu Apr 09, 2015 11:20 am


First I have to say that I have tired many products but Helium is the best one I tried so far, great software...

The first question is about the DB limit. Is there a limit on how many rows can be inserted to a table, I intend to scrape between 1k and 5k urls at one go.

The second question has been asked before, and there is even one pre-made project that seems to solve this but I couldn't make it work.
Take a look at the web page at : www.mizu.com/dilvin-payetli-deri-elbise-8342?v=159353

There is the "Beden" div and there are 4 sizes in it 36, 38, 40 & 42. 36 & 40 is unavailable so I have to scrape only 38 & 42 which is easy with helium, there are many ways probably, but I used the "Create Set Kind" (ALL SIZES except UNAVAILABLES)..

The problem is when I scrape the page, 2 rows are inserted to the table for each size. So it looks like :
Payetli Deri Elbise | 49,95TL | 38
Payetli Deri Elbise | 49,95TL | 42

What I really want is :
Payetli Deri Elbise | 49,95TL | 38;42

If there are more sizes and multiple colors (Renk div), say average of 2 colors and 5 sizes for each product, then 10 rows are inserted to the table for a single product. Like I said before I am going to scrape 1k - 5k URLS at one go, and it would be a waste of time to manually correct this using Excel.


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