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New Features in

Post by webmaster » Sat Dec 15, 2012 2:38 am

Along with several small bug fixes, here are the main changes and features added to this version:

- Added Go Through All Pages action.
- Added Project -> Notes for users to use to store arbitrary text in the project file.
- Added Project -> Empty Output Tables to clear only tables that have an Extract action that extracts to it, as an alternative to the Project -> Clear All Data feature.
- Added Project -> Options -> Wait For Ajax option.
- Individual text nodes inside elements can now be selected by using the Select first child button when the parent element is selected.
- Added Boolean Text Gatherers.
- Text Gatherers can now be saved as text gatherers instead of as JavaScript Gatherers.
- Added Regular Expression Step to Text Gatherers.
- Redesigned JavaScript Gatherers Editor.
- Added a button to preview custom gatherers in the selection panel in every custom gatherer editor.
- Navigate action now throws an error if not simulating click and the elements is not, or not a child of an A element.
- Browser emulation can be set to Internet Explorer 10 if this browser is installed.
- Project -> Options -> Auto-Retry Timeout can now be set to zero.
- Added ClosestColPos gatherer.
- Added ColPosBack gatherer.
- Added ColSpanGatherer.
- Added ColHeader gatherer.
- Fixed memory leak when Internet Explorer 10 is installed.
- Fixed bug that would prevent getting parent frame from BODY element when frame is in another domain.
- Fixed bug in HasChildren gatherer
- Fixed messed up Reset kind to selection image when shown as a Quick Button.
- Fixed bug in Text Gatherer, Replace step that would not let you save the "replace for" part when many Replace steps are used.
Juan Soldi
The Helium Scraper Team

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