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Helium Scraper released

Posted: Wed Apr 17, 2013 4:40 pm
by webmaster
Here are the main changes in this version:
  • Added to actions editor: Right Click -> Edit
  • Right mouse down in an action now selects it
  • Added Warning log line kind
  • Added suppress alert option
  • Suppressed alerts are logged
  • Improved wait for ajax feature to also wait for ActiveXObject's
  • Recursive trees now show an error as soon as you press play
  • Already running actions trees are now automatically cloned and run when invoked from an Execute Actions Tree action instead of showing an error which allows you to nest Execute Action Tree's that run the same tree
  • Fixed bug in Go Throguh All Pages action that wouldn't let you stop it when it has no children
  • Added Java Script method GetElementImageBytes to Global.Utils
  • Go To URL action can now go to "about:blank"
  • When trying to run an action, if the current page is a PDF or any other kind of document that doesn't allow javascript code to run, Helium Scraper navigates to "about:blank" before running the next action instead of showing an error
  • When downloading a file, if there's no file name (only a folder path), "file" is used
  • Fixed bug in Slice text gatherer that would someimtes show different resuts on the editor and on the actual result