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Helium Scraper 2 is here!

Posted: Thu Apr 07, 2011 8:14 pm
by webmaster
After lots of hard work we have finally released Helium Scraper 2. We have listened to every single one of your requests when selecting the new features to be implemented. Here is a quick list of new features:
  • Shortcut keys have been added for several menu items.
  • Extensions can be automatically added or changed to downloaded files.
  • Proxies can be imported in bunches from a text file.
  • A log view have been added.
  • Execution now can be paused.
  • Extraction problems such as requirements not met can now be fixed without having to restart the extraction process.
  • A bunch of JavaScript functions and objects have been added.
  • Now you can import a project into an existing one to easily share and reuse them.
  • A "Export Database" action have been added to automatically export your data to a database file.
  • A "Execute Caller's Children" action have been added. When the current Actions Tree is being invoked from a Execute Actions Tree action that contains child nodes, this action executes these nodes.
  • Actions trees can now receive parameters from an HTML custom made dialog box when invoked from a "Execute Actions Tree" action. Thus, action trees can now behave as fully customized built-in actions.
I will be posting some premade projects to illustrate the new extensibility features.